Why book with Techouz?

Exact Prices, No Surprises

100% price and service guarantee

No hidden fees, no repair surprises. Completely transparent for you to compare.

Prices are based on service or repair you need, additional services and location details - no estimates or hourly fees.

Payment Protection

Pay with Techouz and be protected

You don't pay the technicians directly. We pay the technicians after everything is completed.

All freelancers and service centers are obligated to honour your guaranteed price and to provide an All-Inclusive Package.

Top Quality Services

Only experienced & certified technicians

We hand-picked over 500 freelancers and service centers out of thousands that applied.

We verify the certificates and reviews of every freelancer and service centers. Credentials are available for you to review.

How does Techouz work?

Use Techouz when your laptop needs repairing or services with ease.


1. Find

Choose a service or type of repair that you need. You can make changes anytime and see exactly how much it will cost.


2. Compare

Instantly compare guaranteed prices from multiple technicians. Read real customer reviews and select the technician of your choice.

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3. Book

Sign up to place a booking. Then, wait and relax. Techouz will handle everything so you don't need to worry about surprises.


4. Pay

Only pay when the service is completed. You can choose to pay by cash on delivery, by online banking (FPX) or by debit/credit card.

Quotes For All Your Laptop Needs



Need maintenance for your laptop? Or need any help? You can choose to Format, Cleaning or get Check & Diagnostic for your laptop.



Need more speed and performance for your laptop? You can choose to do SSD Upgrade and RAM Upgrade. Satisfaction guaranteed.



Having a problem with your screen, keyboard or battery? You can replace them with a new one. We will replace any part for you.



Stress when laptop can’t on? Or need any repair? You can choose to repair motherboard, speaker, WIFI and etc. We will fix it for you.

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Techouz – An Online Booking Platform

Techouz is much more than a comparison site, it's a platform to find, compare, book and manage your booking efficiently and smoothly. Booking a technician is now as easy as ordering your favourite food!

We instantly show guaranteed prices based on the type of services or repair that you need - no estimates or hourly rates. In short, you’re in control of your choice. Exact Prices, No Surprises!

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Why they choose Techouz?

You need more information? Check what other persons are saying about our services. They are very happy with their experience with us.


"Pickup & delivery service on time. Customer Service is very friendly and reassuring. Affordable price. Laptop after being repaired looks as good as new. Lifesaver for university students."


"This is highly recommended especially for students like me. Their technicians are super friendly and perform fast services with a reasonable price. I would use their service more often after this."


"Very specialist in technology problems and issues. Recommended! Fast and excellent service especially their customer service and all. Will book here again in the future! Thank you."