Exact Prices, No Surprises

It’s simple: Just enter what services or repairs you need, compare prices and reviews, choose your preferred technician, and book online. We instantly show guaranteed prices based on what type of services or repair you that need—no estimates or hourly rates. In short, you’re in control of your choice.


1. Find

Choose a service or type of repair that you need. You can make changes anytime and see exactly how much it will cost.


2. Compare

Instantly compare guaranteed prices from multiple technicians. Read real customer reviews and select the technician of your choice.


3. Book

Sign up to place a booking. Then, wait and relax. Techouz will handle everything so you don't need to worry about surprises.


4. Pay

Only pay when the service is completed. You can choose to pay by cash on delivery, by online banking (FPX) or by debit/credit card.

Guaranteed Pricing

It’s simple math. First, each freelancer and service centre determine their price of services and repairs. Then we use a standard formula to get the exact prices for you.

What service or repair you need


Additional services


Estimated rider travelled (KM)


Guaranteed price

guaranteed price formula

About Guaranteed Price Formula

Techouz built an accurate repair price calculator for freelancers and service centers to use and manage their price rates. Based on service or repair you need, additional services and location details, Techouz will get exact prices for you to compare.

Perfect Communication

Techouz built a live communication centre between Techouz, freelancers, service centers, riders, and you to create the perfect communication cycle. Our associates are here to answer any questions that you may have. You are not alone! We are always here for you.

perfect communication
payment, pickup and delivery

Payment, Pickup and Delivery

Techouz provides payment flexibility, so you only pay when the service is completed. You can choose to pay by cash on delivery, by online banking (FPX) or by debit/credit card. We provide Riders for pickup and delivery direct to your doorstep to ensure you get a fast and easy booking with us.

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